AllTrax Timing - Contractor License                           2/2/2019 - 4:45 PM
                          U. of KY Rod McCravy Memorial                          
                            Indoor Track & Field Meet                            
         Nutter Fieldhouse (291m) - Lexington,KY  - 2/1/2019 to 2/2/2019         
Event 27  Women Weight Throw
McCravy Meet: M 22.05m  2011        Gwen Berry, Southern IL                      
Nutter Fldhs: F 23.71m  2016        Jeneva Stevens, NYAC                         
    Name                    Year School                  Finals            Points
  1 Olatoye, Sade             SR Ohio State              22.89mM  75-01.25       
      FOUL  FOUL  21.22m  21.25m  22.38m  22.89m                                 
  2 Deaton, Kate              SR Ohio State              19.72m   64-08.50       
      19.72m  18.48m  FOUL  19.39m  19.17m  19.10m                               
  3 Leppelmeier, Molly        SO Kentucky                19.65m   64-05.75       
      17.64m  19.65m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL                                     
  4 Hazlewood, Micaela        SR Kentucky                18.80m   61-08.25       
      17.90m  18.80m  18.01m  FOUL  FOUL  18.36m                                 
  5 Jones, Danisha            SR Southern Miss.          18.53m   60-09.50       
      17.57m  FOUL  18.53m  FOUL  FOUL  18.34m                                   
  6 Dowdy, Alexis             SR Ohio State              18.18m   59-07.75       
      17.60m  17.29m  17.92m  17.41m  17.46m  18.18m                             
  7 Caceres, Noelia           JR Georgia State           17.03m   55-10.50       
      14.87m  17.03m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  16.18m                                   
  8 Williams, Bridgette       JR Alabama State           16.17m   53-00.75       
      15.25m  14.88m  FOUL  16.17m  15.73m  16.13m                               
  9 Reliford, Xiquaria        JR Alabama State           14.82m   48-07.50       
      14.82m  FOUL  12.66m  14.34m  FOUL  FOUL                                   
 10 Thompson, Kristen         JR Alabama State           14.75m   48-04.75       
      14.09m  13.69m  14.75m                                                     
 11 Fautsch, Nicole           JR Kentucky                14.73m   48-04.00       
      FOUL  14.73m  FOUL                                                         
 12 Mumaw, McKenna            JR Southern Miss.          13.31m   43-08.00       
      13.31m  FOUL  FOUL                                                         
 13 Cook, Hannah              SO Eastern Kentucky        12.33m   40-05.50       
      12.33m  FOUL  11.96m